¡école! where you'll feel at home on the road. We have been fortunate to receive great reviews from many guidebooks, because of the great services we offer. Here's a list of some of them. If you have questions, please email or phone us, or contact us through the site.

• Great place for women and solo travelers.
• Clean, bright, comfortable rooms.
• Both shared and private rooms and bathrooms.
• Backpackers dorm room for budget travelers.
• Smoke-free rooms and common areas.
• Hot showers all day every day.
• Quality beds and bedding.
• No phones or TV in rooms.
• Free WiFi just about everywhere.
• Rooms heated by radiators.
• Cozy woodstoves in common areas in the winter.
• Comfortable common areas.
• Great travel stories and music.
• Great restaurant and cafe-bar.
• Open from 8 am to 12 pm. (outside of those hours, notify)
• Laundry service available.
• English-speaking staff.
• Great connections to adventures.
• Massages, and Spanish language school.
• Credits cards accepted.

¡école! returns a percentage of its profits to environmental activist causes. We look forward to seeing you soon!