The Caņi is all is the reason behind Hosteria ¡école!. The Caņi is a unique ancient forest of the Earth's oldest tree species, and a sanctuary of Caņi's archetypal tree, the giant conifer Araucaria – the Earth's oldest. Nestled within an exploded caldera is a Jurassic forest studded with a dozen lagoons, rimmed by jagged rock peaks and dormant cinder cones now covered in deep forest and inhabited by puma, wildcat, rare marsupials, fox, condor, miniature deer and birds.

The 1500-acre preserve is at the beginning of a long mountain ridge covered in primary forest of hardwood coihue, lenga and araucaria. This high 40-km cordon is practically all that remains of the great forest that until recently covered the valleys and slopes. (See map and download Field Guide)

The Caņi Sanctuary is Chile's premier native forest education project. Your visit, be it a day hike or an overnighter, will not only be unforgettable (Caņi means "vision that transforms"), but you will be helping to further a community-based conservation project by employing the local youth who guide and run the park as caretakers and as educators to show local and tourists alike the long-term intrinsic value of old growth forest.