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March - "In defense of the Estero Coilaco"

Tuesday 23rd of February 2010 - 11h30 - La Poza/ O`Higgins Avenue

Pucon`s community organisations will meet this tuesday for a public action against the construction of a hydro-electric development in the Estero Coilaco.

The project propose to intervine 6 Km above the stream, affecting the development of turist activities due to the environmental impact of their construction. The project will produce 6,8 Mega Watts to sell to the central interconnected system.

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Trafkintu - "Interchange of seeds and plants"

On October 3, 2009, an interchange of seeds and plants between local Mapuche communities and people from Pucón and its surroundings took place for the second time at ¡école!

The Mapuche people are characterized by maintaining certain ways of life, customs, and traditional practices which have survived until the present, including the concept of respect towards nature and the sacred. One of these customs is the Trafkintu, which consists in an interchange of seeds, plants, and animals as well as sharing knowledge on how to care for them.

This ancestral practice also includes a ceremony and prayers, giving thanks to the Mapuche divinity and to the earth for having provided the products which are offered in exchange. At the end of the day food is shared and conversations are held about what the experience meant for each participant. The participation on that day was very relevant because 20 Mapuches travelled all the way from the region of Junin de Los Andes in Argentina to this special event.

Hostería ¡école! - General Urrutia 592, Pucón - 045-441675 - ecole@ecole.cl